Executive Committee Board:

Ser Posts Full Names   DVCs
01 Founder Mr. Thakur Sherchan   Jhin
02 President Mr. Ratna Bdr Shahi   Rakhu
03 Chief Vice  Mr. Hira Bdr Roka   Khuhun
04 Asst Vice 1st Mr. Moti Bahadur Tilija   Chimkhola
05 Asst Vice 2nd Mr. Jit Bdr Sherpuja   Pakhapani
06 Secretary Mr. Dhan Bahadur Pun   Chimkhola
07 Asst Secretary (1) Mr. Durga Garbuja   Kuhun
08 Asst Secretary (2) Mr. Puran Kumar Shahi   Rakhu
09 Treasurer Mr. Nagendra  Bdr Paija   Begkhola
10 Asst. Treasurer Mr. Ram Bahadur Tilija   Begkhola
01 Executive Member​  Mr. Bhabiraj Pun   Chimkhola
02 Executive Member​  Mr. Ran Bahadur Pun   Doba
03 Executive Member​  Mr. Sanjiv Malla   Rakhu
04 Executive Member​  Mr. Yam Bdr Thajali    Jhin
05 Executive Member​  Mr. Bel Bdr Tilija   Dana
06 Executive Member​  Mr. Indra Garbuja        Dagnam
07 Executive Member​  Mr. Ghan Bdr Garbuja   Beg
08 Executive Member​  Mr. Jit Bahadur Pun         Pakhapani
09 Executive Member​  Mr. Om Bdr Roka   Patlekhet
10 Ladies President Mrs. Sumitra Sherchan   Jhin
11 Youth President Mr. Ganga Bdr Purja   Begkhola
01 Cultural Coordntor Mr. Amrit Garbuja   Chimkhola
02 Asst Cult Coordntor Mr. Arjun Tilija   Begkhola
03 Choreographer Miss. Rita Thajali   Dagnam
04 Asst Choreographer Mirs. Anjina Paiaja   Begkhola
01 Tpt Coordinator Mr. Bes Bdr Tilija   Dagnam
02 Asst Tpt Coordinator Mr. Lila Purja   K/Mangale
01 Food Coordtr Mr. Sher Bdr Paija   Pakhapani
02 Media Coorntr Mr. Lilaman Sherpuja     Kuhun
03 Property Coord Mr. Jun Bdr Purja   Chimkhola
04 Asst Property Coord Mr. Janga Bdr Thajali   Patlekhet
01 Chief Adviser Mr. Nar Bahadur Pun   Chimkhola
02 Asst Chief Adviser Mr. Durga Ramjali   Kuhun
03 Adviser Mr. Prem Bahadur Pun   Chimkhola
04 Adviser Mr. Deu Bahadur Tilija   Dagnam
05 Adviser Mr. Lal Bahadur Ramjali   Doba
06 Adviser Mr. Dhanga Bahadur Shahi   Rakhu
07 Adviser Mr. Dan Bahadur Malla   Rakhu
08 Adviser Mr. Nar Bdr Sherpuja   Pakhapani
09 Adviser Mr. Puni Sara Tilija   Begkhola
01 VDC Rep (VR) Mr. Nagendra Purja   Begkhola VDC
02 VDC Rep (VR) Mr. Jun Bahadur Purja   Chimkhola VDC
03 VDC Rep (VR) Mr. Tika Bahadur Garbuja   Dagnam VDC
04 VDC Rep (VR) Mr. Tham Bahadur Purja   Doba VDC
05 VDC Rep (VR) Mr. Bel Bahadur Tilija   Dana VDC
06 VDC Rep (VR) Mr. Som Lal Thajali   Jhin VDC
07 VDC Rep (VR) Mr. Apin Roka    Wakhet VDC
08 VDC Rep (VR) Mr. Yogendra Sherpuja   Kuhun VDC
09 VDC Rep (VR) Mr. Tik Bahadur Sherpuja   Pakhapani VDC
10 VDC Rep (VR) Mr. Puran Kumar Shahi   Rakhu Area
11 VDC Rep (VR) Mr. Lila Purja   K/Mangale VDC
12 VDC Rep (VR) Mr. Damar Tilija   Bhurung/T/P VDC
01 Area Rep (AR) Mr. Chau Bdr Pun   Doncaster
02 Area Rep (AR) Mr. Dhan Bdr Pun   London
03 Area Rep (AR) Mr. Om Roka    Swindon
04 Area Rep (AR) Mr. Ghan Bdr Garbuja   Basingstoke
05 Area Rep (AR) Mr. Jib Bdr Sherpuja   Aldershot/ F-B
01 Lady President  Ms. Sumitra Sherchan    Jhin
02 Lady Vice       Ms. Ya Maya Pun    Begkhola
03 Lady Secretary Ms. Seti Maya Tilija     Chimkhola
04 Lady Asst Secretary Ms. Himal Devi Pun          Pakhapani
05 Lady Treasurer Ms. Durga Thajali   Patlekhet
06 Lady Asst Treasurer Ms. Durga Tilija           Begkhola
                           8 x  Lady Members from defferent VDCs
01 Youth President Mr. Ganga Prasad Purja   Begkhola
02 Youth Vice Mr. Chandra Thajali   Dagnam
03 Youth Secretary Mr. Shree Prasad Purja       Doba
04 Youth Asst Secretary Miss. Puja Pun    Chimkhola
05 Youht Treasurer Miss. Man Kumari Purja      Patlekharka
06 Youth Asst. Treasurer Miss Nitu Pun   Pakhapani
                            16 x  Lady Members from defferent VDCs

Our Mission "MOTTO":

"To Provide Moral & Financial support to the grieved family members by contributing just £20 in the event of death only"

Forthcoming Events: 

AGM 2017:

Date:  Saturday, 17 June 2017

Loc:    Aldershot Area (PC tbc)


Annual Party 2017:

Date:   Saturday, 19 August 2017

Loc:  Connaught Leisure Centre

Tongham Road, Aldershot

Hampshire, GU12 4AS 


Nepal Time & Date:



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