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Dear entrepreneurs,


I would like to extend my warmest welcome to our new website (


We exist in the community to help our people overcome life's tough times. We are very well known in the Magar/pun society with a name of “Rahu Ghat Khola Sero Fero, UK”. Since the establishment we established our organisation in 2008 we have seen our members grown from 60 to over 180+ in span of 5 years. This organisation has an absolute potential to grow in future.


Since our establishment of the website on 31st July, 2013 we have seen visitors number increasing by 70% within just 3 months. Individual who visit our website spends average of 5 - 20 minutes. We are also ranked first in google search engine, the website is easily searchable by typing key word “Rahu Ghat”, “Sero Fero”, “Not-for-profit”, "Moral &  and many more.


This website gives you the link to all Nepalese people living around the globe, especially UK and Nepal. This is one of the opportunities your business should not miss! This is an opportunity to reach more customers and spread your brand to wider world.


We offer advertisement opportunities to meet your business needs. Whatever your business, we can help you find your potential customers, locally, nationally and worldwide.



Kind Regards

Sunil Paija Pun



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Our Mission "MOTTO":

"To Provide Moral & Financial support to the grieved family members by contributing just £10 in the event of death only"

Forthcoming Events: 



Date:  Cancelled due to Covid-19. 



Date:  Sat, 14 May 2022

AGM 2022

Date: Sun 06.Feb 2022   

1. A Virtual Zoom (AGM 21) Meeting was held on Sun, 06. Feb 2022.

2. A short report has been attached to email.

3. New Membership Registration Opens from 01 to 31 May 2021 (one month only).

4. The application fee is £10.00 only. There will be no late charge. 

5. This opportunity will apply to only new  members not for reactive members.

Nepal Time & Date:



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