Membership (Eligible & Category)

  • There will only be one category member which is a permanent member (No need to renew).


  • Registration fee to be a member is only £10.00 (non-refundable). An eligible person must secure their own membership within 2 years from the first time of arrival in the UK after settlement visa has been granted.


  • This Organisation heartily welcomes all family members who migrated in the United Kingdom from Myagdi, Western part of Kaligandaki River, from Dana VDC to Kuhun VDC


~~~~~~~~~Amended on 22.09.2009~~~~~~~~~



  • A membership will cover (transferable) to husband, wife, unmarried and disabled blood family members but children must be living together with parents in the United Kingdom.


~~~~~~~~~Amended on 20.06.2012~~~~~~~~~


  • A married person must secure their own Membership. The application form is available in website.


  • All members should abide by the constitutions of this organisation and including laws and regulations of the United Kingdom.


  • Every permanent member has to strictly adhere /follow the Code of Conduct, Principles and Policy as directed by the board otherwise will be suspended from membership.

Our Mission "MOTTO":

"To Provide Moral & Financial support to the grieved family members by contributing just £10 in the event of death only"

Forthcoming Events: 



Date:  Cancelled due to Covid-19. 



Date:  Sat, 14 May 2022

AGM 2022

Date: Sun 06.Feb 2022   

1. A Virtual Zoom (AGM 21) Meeting was held on Sun, 06. Feb 2022.

2. A short report has been attached to email.

3. New Membership Registration Opens from 01 to 31 May 2021 (one month only).

4. The application fee is £10.00 only. There will be no late charge. 

5. This opportunity will apply to only new  members not for reactive members.

Nepal Time & Date:



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