Begkhola VDC History

Bega, Myagdi Nepal

The Bega is a beautiful village under the Begkhola village development committee of Myagdi district. It lies approximately 6 miles north from the Beni Bazar. The naturally, geographical structure of this village is steep land.  It is also surrounded by beautiful green hills.

The former residents of this village is saying, many years ago there were many forests and water resources. Due to slope land, the soil was flowing down frequently so the villagers had been saying "Bage" "Bage". The meaning of this Nepali word is that the soil of that land is frequently  flowing down and suffered from good living there. After that, the villagers had decided to search another place to settle, finally they selected the Nakale. Because there was well land to cultivate and good environment for settle.

After many years, the former slope land was resumed  from  the flowing soil  problem and had grew by forest. Slowly, the former residents from Nakale were attracting again back to their old land. They had started to partition the land for making house and began to grow foods there. It was converted to large community of villagers. Since that period, the villagers had changed the name of this land as "Bega"  instead of old name "Bage" "Bage".       


There is no exactly written proof history of  how was named "Banduk" of this place. The similar "myth "from the various former villagers, it is proudly can say, the name Banduk was created from the ended of the debate between Bahun and Magar tribes. In ancient time, there had been settled Bahun and Magars in the hilly and nice land. The land was claimed for ownself by both tribes. No one could be made own ownership of that land. Many times they had debate about the right to cultivate that land. The equal claim was on that period. It had gone as long about the same topic. Finally, they had decided to end the debate among them.



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